What to See and Do in Downtown Dallas

What to See and Do in Downtown Dallas - AIMINGFORAWE.com
Dallas map of things to do

1 - Reunion Tower

Check out the reservation deck at the Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas. There’s also a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the tower if you’re looking for a fancy shmancy dinner option.

2 - Pegasus sign at Omni Hotel

Dallas is straight up obsessed with Pegasus - everywhere you look, you’ll surely be able to spot one. There’s a big red neon Pegasus at the Omni Hotel downtown, which is a repaired and renovated version of the original 1934 Pegasus that stood on top of the Magnolia Hotel.

3 - Pegasus at The Old Red Museum

Another Pegasus greets visitors at The Old Red Museum, which used to be the Dallas County Courthouse.

Pegasus at the Old Red Museum

4 - Giant Eyeball

Super strange, but super cool sight - HA, get it? Just a weird art installation you should check out.

5 - The Traveling Man in Deep Ellum

There are 3 big art installations called The Traveling Man by an artist named Brad Oldham.

6 - Sixth Floor Museum

Dallas is known for being the assassination location of President John F. Kennedy. There’s a museum at the Dealey Plaza, where the assassin is believed to have pulled the trigger. This museum goes through the history of the events and conspiracy surrounding it. X marks the spot on the road where JFK was shot, which you can see from the Dealey Plaza and can be visited on foot - just be careful of oncoming traffic!

Additional notes

DO NOT go to The Dallas Aquarium. It was straight up raining cats and dogs while we were in Dallas - like flood level rains, so we had to find alternatives to our plans. We took a chance on the Dallas Aquarium, which was a huge mistake. It costed us $20 USD each to walk through a damp, dirty, smelly building just to see a handful of animals confined to their cruel, tiny homes. Word to the wise, skip the aquarium.

And if you’re looking to munch your way through Dallas, click here to read up on Dallas eats.

Keep aiming for awe, XO Aimee

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What to see and do in Downtown Dallas - AIMINGFORAWE.com