A Weekend in Dallas for the Cowboys

A Weekend in Dallas for the Cowboys - AIMINGFORAWE.COM

Kev remembers the very moment he became a Cowboys fan.

It’s 1996.
The Dallas Cowboys win the Superbowl.
Kev’s dad jumps for joy.  
He’s never seen him so happy.
And the rest is history.

So when we went to see the boys play at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars (who they ANNIHILATED btw), the visit was a long time coming.

We spent a short (but sweet) 4 days and 3 nights in Dallas and felt our little weekend trip was planned JUST right. So if you’re headed to Dallas to see the boys play, here’s a list of things you can tack on to your to-dos.

Tour of the AT&T Stadium

Whether or not you’re visiting Dallas for the Cowboys, this tour is still a must do, because quite frankly - it’s SO COOL! At $32 USD per person for the VIP Guided Tour, you’ll see things like the players’ and cheerleaders’ locker rooms, the press room, Jerry’s viewing suite, you’ll even get to walk across the field itself. HOW COOL IS THAT?! But what I found most interesting, was learning about the building itself. Like how Mrs. Jones imported granite tiles from Italy because the shimmer reflects a blue that reminds her of the Cowboys. Or the massive retractable roof that takes 20 minutes to fully open or close. Or the fact that the Statue of Liberty can so easily fit in the stadium because it’s just that enormous.

For more tour info and to buy tickets, you can visit their official website here. I’d also suggest booking your tour in advance online.

AT&T Stadium Pro Shop

K so if you’re looking for some gear, this is the place to be. It’s like a Dallas Cowboys candy store - no joke. But if you don’t have time to browse through the store, get your gear at the online NFL Shop here.

Game Day Transportation

Let this be known: Dallas is DEFINITELY NOT a walkable city. And their public transportation isn’t superb either. The best way to get around is just to rent a car. But on game day, you’ll probably want to Uber if you take into consideration the parking, the drinking, the traffic, the crowds. It’ll save you the headache if you just Uber to and from the game. The AT&T Stadium is about a half hour drive from Downtown Dallas.

Game Day Tailgating

I won’t lie, I’m a Cowboys fan by default. My man loves the Cowboys and in turn, so do I. I do sports for him. So before this trip, I had no idea what “tailgating” really was.

Wait what? People park their pickup trucks in the middle of the parking lot, cook food, and serve beer from their truck beds? And we can join them?! Apparently so. And you can buy tickets for these tailgating parties too. AND these tickets are sometimes more expensive than the game tickets themselves! WUT?!

You can find tailgating tickets anywhere online if you look. But I’d suggest just showing up and making friends with the people there. The parking lot around the stadium is filled with tailgating options and it would probably cause you more trouble to buy tailgating tickets and go searching for your group than to just show up and have a good time. Tailgators are totally open to people approaching them and buying food or beers off of them right there on the spot so this isn’t something you have to plan ahead of time.

Game Day Boozing

There’s a Walmart right across the street from the AT&T Stadium. But hear me when I say this is no ordinary Walmart. It’s the MOTHER OF ALL WALMARTS. For starters, it’s like a Costco-sized Walmart. Secondly, when we were there, the Jacksonville Jaguars were in town. And Walmart was FILLED TO THE BRIM with Jaguar merch. They of course had Cowboys gear too, but I thought it was cool that they tailored their products to the visitors. Aside from the merch you can pick up before the game, this Walmart also has booze. Like a lot of it. We each picked up a 1L can of beer. ONE WHOLE LITRE. And it came to a total of like 10 bucks so that ain’t bad, I’d say!

Food and drinks are what you’d expect at the stadium, pricey AF but convenient. Try their Cowboyrita - a slushy colourful marg, paired perfectly with their nachos 🤤

Where to Eat

Check out this blog post on all the places you should eat during your stay in Dallas.

Where to Play

Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty at the Reunion Tower
Green Room
STIRR Bar and Lounge

Un-Cowboy related Things to See and Do

This blog post goes over a list of things to see and do in the Downtown Dallas area.

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Keep aiming for awe, XO Aimee

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A Weekend in Dallas for the Cowboys - AIMINGFORAWE.COM