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Abandoned Airplane Adventure - AIMINGFORAWE.COM

There’s a long list of abandoned (and eerie) places on the island of Bali. Among this list, you’ll find unfinished overwater bungalow resorts, an amusement park overgrown by jungle, half-completed hotels, and old aircrafts. Now this combined with the satellite image details captured by Google Maps, makes for interesting adventures.

Kev and I found an abandoned plane on Google Maps and decided we’d venture off to find it, thinking it’d be barricaded or blocked off to the public. And after a risky 3 hour trek with sweat and rain and crossing highways like the game of Frogger, we made it there only to find out we were right 😭

But luckily we met Henrikous, a nearby shop owner who’s boss owns the plane! Apparently there were plans to turn it into a restaurant that never took off (get it? #punintended) but we got a sweet tour of it - definitely something you don’t see everyday.

Abandoned airplane in Bali, Indonesia
Abandoned Plane near Dunkin Donuts

Here's a short video of our abandoned airplane adventures in Bali.

If you wanna have a go and search for this abandoned plane yourself, here are a few tips:

Take a taxi or scooter, don’t walk! You have to cross a high-traffic highway at one point and there isn’t a sidewalk at all. From the looks of it, it isn’t meant for pedestrians but we had already walked half way and weren’t about to turn around. You can rent a scooter and drive there yourself (wear your helmets) or hire a cab driver to take you there.

The abandoned plane is located RIGHT BESIDE a Dunkin’ Donuts but it’s kept off limits to the public, behind a leaning wood fence. You won’t be able to miss it because the tail of the plane basically hangs over the street.

There are shops lining the fence - ask around for Henrikous, he has the key for the gate.

Henrikous will allow you to walk around on the grounds of where the aircraft is kept but will also offer to show you the inside. He asks for a small payment - we gave him 100,000 IDR (which equals to about $10 CAD).

Bring bug spray! The grounds are covered in tall grass and unmaintained land, home to creepy crawlies and a bunch of mosquitos. I came outta there looking like I got Chicken Pox 2.0.

Keep aiming for awe, XO Aimee

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Abandoned Airplane Adventure - AIMINGFORAWE.COM