Meeting an Orangutan in skinny jeans at Safari World in Bangkok, Thailand

Adventuring in Varadero, Cuba

About Aimee

I'm Aimee Lim and I've been bitten by the travel bug. 

I caught the bug during my trip to Southeast Asia back in 2012, and ever since, I spend my time either exploring the world or planning to explore the world. I plan trips just because, and before I know it, I've got a pile of planned vacations I'm itching to take.

They say that "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page". I'm here to inspire and encourage you to read the whole book. We were put on this beautiful planet with places to see, people to meet, cultures to dive into and an entire world to explore. Why stay in one place?

Although I'm a proud Canadian, born and raised, and still based out the nation's capital (FYI - that's Ottawa, for all of you who think it's Toronto or Montreal), I have an overwhelming urge to see the rest of the world. And if you do too, I'm here to help you see the rest of the world by sharing all the stories and advice I have with you.


About aiming for awe

I'm in a never-ending chase after awe. That moment when you're so stricken by wonder and extravagance, that moment of overwhelming emotion that either leaves you speechless or makes you want to scream. We're not meant to live just to work and pay bills. This life and this world is so full of wonder and beauty, and it's our job to go out and find it. Whatever that might be. If french fries and milkshakes float your boat, hey, go after it! If it's spending QT time with the kids and the fam, DO IT! But if you want to chase those awe-inspiring moments through travel, follow me around the world!

Aiming For Awe is the vehicle that will help me share my stories, adventures, experiences and advice with you to either help inspire you to go travel or to help give you information on places you're already planning on visiting.

There's a saying that goes "Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport". Go create your stories.


Thrills sign from the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town Bar in London, England

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town Underground Bar - London, England