HEY, I’m Aimee

Oh heyyy there. I’m Aimee.

I'm the brains behind this well-oiled machine here, I call Aiming For Awe.

JK it’s not well-oiled AT ALL. Because TBH, I forget that my blog even exists for most of the year. Like I’ll go 8 months without writing a single word. But then sometimes I get this whirlwind of inspiration and write 8 blog posts at once. So stick around and I can guarantee it’ll be worth the wait - when I finally do come out with new content, it’ll either be some wicked info on a cool new destination I’ve been fortunate enough to visit, or it’ll be a humorous rant about my (mis)adventures, or just flat out emotional sappy sh*t.

Either way, you’ll be entertained, I pinky swear.

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